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Since 2007, ‘Schulzentrum SII Utbremen’ has not only been a certified ‘Europaschule’ in the State of Bremen, but also a ‘privileged partner school’ since 2016, having successfully completed multiple “Leonardo da Vinci” projects.

The ‘Erasmus+ Mobility Programme’ for vocational education enables us to implement our deep-seated ‘European philosophy’ even better in everyday school life and school activities with the additional financial support from the European Union (EU).

The ‘European Idea’ must be put into practice time and again, continuously and with a lot of commitment both locally in Germany as well as in other European countries that our students visit and experience during European projects.

Correspondingly, intercultural learning processes are actively promoted at ‘Europaschule Schulzentrum Utbremen’ in many different situations.

These programmes allow our students:

  • to assume their role as responsible and active partners in a changing society
  • to explore their own identity and to develop tolerance through encounters with other cultures
  • to expand their language diversity and improve their language skills
  • to develop their knowledge about other cultures into intercultural competence via social learning.

Internships abroad and partner schools

For many years, an inherent part of the European ideal at our school has been students taking part in placements abroad. With the assistance of our partner schools abroad and the “Erasmus+” programme, we are able to offer work experience placements in several European countries including England, France, Latvia, Poland and Spain.

Likewise, students from abroad, for example from ‘Olaine Kolleg for Mechanics and Technology’ in Riga, Latvia, attend classes at ‘Europaschule Schulzentrum Utbremen’ over the course of several weeks. This leads to an increase in intercultural competency for all visiting and host students involved.

Local European Activities

For many years, we have organised a “Europe Day” as part of “Europe Week” in the State of Bremen, where students deal with current European problems in a range of diverse events with very different formats.
For example: panel discussions with guests from various areas of public life or art competitions like a poetry slam.

Musical Project – Germany / United Kingdom

Since 1997, we have undertaken a project involving Wootton Upper School in Bedfordshire, England, and a class from our “DQF” vocational course here in Bremen. While the English students perform on stage, the German students organise and market this cultural event.

International Seminars

The seminars at the international “Haus Sonnenberg” in the Harz Mountains have already become a well-loved tradition at our school. The focus is again on meeting students from different cultures. Using foreign languages in direct contact with foreign students leads to increased levels of self-confidence and to more tolerance towards others. Students from Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Belarus have taken part in the seminars to date.

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